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Meet the New Northern Rivers Based Paramedic and First Aid Training Provider

New Northern Rivers Based Paramedic and First Aid Training Provider

The north coast of New South Wales has a new Northern Rivers based paramedic and first aid training provider delivering first aid training courses, CPR training, Childcare First Aid Courses and a range of advanced first aid and paramedic courses delivered by intensive care paramedics with real hands-on experience and a great educational style that focuses on the simplicity and not the complexity of pre-hospital or first aid care.

International Paramedic College is a locally based learning organisation with a national presence and a global outlook. They are delivering first aid training, CPR, AED courses and child-care courses locally in the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales and have a focus on delivering paramedical services and training nationally and globally.

Delivered by a Highly Qualified, Experienced and Accomplished Educator and Trainer

The lead educator and training manager is an experienced Paramedic educator with a view of emergency medicine grounded in a lifetime of clinical experience. He has an impressive array of qualifications in education and emergency medicine. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Paramedic Practice, a Diploma of Adult Education and is currently active on the Board of Paramedics Australasia, the peak body for paramedics in Australia and New Zealand.

Qualifications are one thing but where they really shine is in their ability to put that knowledge into manageable educational pieces, creating a different learning experience, a different way to view things. While not changing the familiar content learners associated with CPR first aid training, they flip it, giving it a holistic context that allows learners to see things in a simpler, more clearly defined way.

They have a unique ability to drill down into the content and confusion that create fears in students. The “paralysis by analysis” that most people bring through the door is dissolved, gradually worn down, stripped back, as this experienced educator gets people focused on the main game and how to see the emergency needs of a patient as a whole, not the “sum of the parts”. Their passion and this unique educational rationale that they call a “Freedom from Fear” approach separates International Paramedic College from the run of the mill providers of this type of pre-hospital care or First Aid Course and training in the north coast region of NSW.

Instructor Demonstrating Cpr Chest Compression On A Dummy

Located in the Northern Rivers Region of NSW

While they are a new local educational provider, they have a long local history in the caring professions locally and nationally. Locally born and bred, they have a long association with Ballina Ambulance station and The Ambulance Service of NSW. The lead educator is a former intensive care Paramedic with Ambulance Service of NSW. His job was to back up ambulances as a second response to the most critical cases. As an Educator, he trained Intensive Care Paramedics for Ambulance Service of NSW and the ACT Ambulance service. A successfully clinical career with all its challenges drove a passion to share that experience with others, to share the benefits of that clinical knowledge and exposure, to not only share the skills but manage the mind.

Their ability to simplify the complex hides a depth of knowledge in the field of caring for others. Now people over the north Coast of NSW can benefit by learning from real professionals, experts in emergency medicine and creative educators with a focus on sorting what matters and leaving the unnecessary out . International Paramedic College is the real deal. Real people with real experience and qualifications but, more importantly, a real desire and unique ability to share that experience and build the confidence that says “I could have a go at that”

Based in Ballina and offering courses at set venues or at your workplace International Paramedic College are impressive. Give them a try and we guarantee you won’t be disappointed.