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Best Coffee Maker for the Clinic

How Many of Us Rely on Our Coffee Maker Every Day

Little Guy Coffee Maker: Making Full Flavoured Coffee With Finesse and Style of a Skilled Barrista

A new technology of coffee makers has arrived to bring a whole new level of quality to the work place without needing to spend thousands on a pro espresso machine.  Gone are the days of waiting for the coffee maker to heat water and drip unto the coffee for a cup of very mediocre tasting brewed coffee

Here comes the The Little Guy Coffee maker that could make that household coffee maker look like an ancient dinosaur. The acceptance of the The Little Guy coffee machine by the coffee consuming public has been phenomenal, most probably becuase of its superior quality, ease of use, good looks and superior tasting coffee (with your favourite beans)

Little Guy Coffee Maker Design

Its sleek and non-traditional coffee maker design will cause you to take a second look. It is a design masterpiece and it just oozes quality.


It has a smooth curved body that resembles a futuristic teapot. It is so compact and versatile that you can easily pack it with you when you are travelling. And it has been specifically designed as a Stove Top Coffee Maker which means that all you need is a heat source. Could be an electric plate or gas. However, in addition to this elegant coffee machine, The Little Guy company has also purpose designed an exclusive purpose built portable induction plate that also has versatility built right through it.  It is also compact enough to pack when travelling. It has several settings, one of which is the perfect setting for making coffee with The Little Guy. Another great feature about the induction top is that it works with stainless steel pots and so it can be used for cooking up anything that needs a steel pot. Remember induction plates only get hot when the metal hits the glass top and until then there is no heat.

The Little Guy Coffee Maker Concept

Little Guy’s coffee maker mechanism has no moving parts and has been designed that way to absolutely minimise maintenance and ensure longevity. Make from top quality food grade stainless steel in one piece does not get any better engineering than that. AND it’s not just a Coffee Maker it is a full blown Espresso Machine. Can be a short black, long black, flat white or frothy as hell cappuccino and if you are a barista artist you can make artistic drawings in the milk froth to show off to your friends.

Yes, it heats and froths the milk as well. You may well wonder how does such a little cute looking machine do all that? Pure good design, thats how.

And the best thing about The Little Guy is that it doesnt use coffee pods. (i hate coffee pods) The Little Guy coffee machine takes a full espresso machine size quantity of coffee grounds so you get the best of all worlds.


If you are one of many nurses and medical staff who need their coffee and sometimes more than just once a day and not just any old mediocre coffee but a really good satisfying flavoured cappuccino or flat white or traditional espresso the you better get one of these for the clinic. Also get one for home because once you get used to good coffee making you cant go back to crap.