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Four Types in Human Design System

Four Types in the Human Design System

Understanding The Four Types In The Human Design System

You may have heard a lot recently about a new approach to living an authentic life. It is known as the Science of Differentiation or the Human Design System. This fascinating concept is a way of determining exactly what your own unique purpose and design are. Although each individual human being is as unique as a snowflake, it is possible to get a firm grasp on the essence of your true self by understanding that each person has a specific Human Design configuration coupled with a clear Strategy that aligns with an individual’s uniqueness.

Your Human Design type is determined through the use of a specialized chart. Among other things, this chart can reveal which of the four Human Design types applies to you. Your type is unchanging. No matter what your experiences, you remain the same type of human throughout your lifetime. In brief, here are the four Human Design types:

1. Generators/Builders: These people are the planet’s life force, and they make up a little less than 3/4 of the population. The best life Strategy for this type is to respond to events as they happen rather than trying to initiate actions. Human design generator learns about themselves by observing their own responses to the world around them. For them, the response is more satisfying and brings more success than initiating, and this is the best way they can serve the world.

2. Manifestors/Initiators: This group makes up a little less than 10% of the world population. Manifestors make things happen. They let others know what they will do before acting because they seek to reduce the resistance of others. When their momentum is blocked, they become angry. The human design manifestor have the ability to have a powerful, positive impact on the world when allowed and supported in being their true selves.

3. Projectors/Guides: About 2/5 of the people on earth are Projectors. Their best Strategy in life lies in waiting for their unique qualities to be recognized by others. They rely upon being invited to participate, and this Strategy brings them both success and recognition. Projectors cannot meet with success if they attempt to initiate, and doing so will only generate rejection and resistance. This results in disappointment and bitterness. The human design projector gives to the world through a combination of guiding and understanding those around them.

4. Reflectors/Discerners: Only a very small percent of the population (one percent or less) are reflectors. These are the people whose purpose is to judge and reflect humanity and its injustices as a way of informing and enlightening others. Their gift to the world lies in their ability to clearly discern one thing from another and shed light upon the truth. Reflectors find delight in the surprises of life, and they are careful and deliberate in decision making. In fact, a Reflector’s best Strategy is to take the length of time of a complete moon cycle to make important decisions. Attempting to rush or use an initiating Strategy will only lead to disappointment for a human design reflector.

Four Types in Human Design System

Why Follow The Human Design System Concept?

At the center of this fascinating and vibrant method of learning your own true strengths and living an authentic life is the hopeful promise of letting go of all that is false. When you know your Human Design type and understand how to use the concepts of Strategy and Authority, you affirm your true self and free yourself to live your best and most authentic life.